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Current and Prospective Employees FAQ

Where can I find information about my benefits?
Benefits information is available on the UMS HR Benefits page.
Are payroll schedules and other personnel information available online?
Payroll and Compensation Schedules and Personnel Information are available on the UMS HR Compensation page.
Where can I locate the UMS holiday schedule?
The UMS holiday schedule is located on the UMS HR Holidays page.
Are collective bargaining agreements posted?
The collective bargaining agreements can be found on the UMS Labor Relations page.
Where is the Systemwide Services staff directory?
A Systemwide Services only directory is available in our Systemwide Services area on the website.
A UMS Faculty/Staff directory search is also available.
How can I find information about equal opportunity and affirmative action?
UMS takes Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action seriously. Please look at the UMS HR Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action page for more information.
Where can I locate UMS employment opportunities?
The University of Maine System provides information about opportunities to work with us on our Employment Opportunities page.