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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 2, 2005     
Contact: John Diamond (973-3224 or 949-4904) or Peggy Markson (973-3245)


BANGOR - Chancellor Joseph W. Westphal today announced the following efforts being undertaken by the University of Maine System to assist students who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina.  The information was communicated to Governor John E. Baldacci earlier Friday morning.

Any student - from Maine or from any other state - currently enrolled in a college or university that postponed or terminated classes due to hurricane-related damage or conditions are invited to enroll at one of Maine's seven universities under "visiting student" status.  This offer applies to any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at any accredited institution in the regions affected by the hurricane.

Such students will be allowed to enroll without having to follow the usual application process and will be offered in-state tuition rates, given the unique conditions under which they would be enrolling. University personnel will work with each student to identify the most appropriate option for them within the University System. 

For both current University of Maine System students who are from the hurricane-affected region and for those who enroll as "visiting students," the University System will provide whatever accommodations are appropriate to assist them with health, housing, counseling, and
temporary financial needs.

Students in need of assistance are encouraged to contact the University System at 1-800-804-3200, ext. 3237, or through the world-wide web at

In addition, Maine's public universities will be working with their student and employee clubs, teams, and organizations to support humanitarian aid and other relief efforts.

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