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Board of Trustees Meeting - January 28, 2013

Meeting Materials

Full Meeting Materials - Revised January 18, 2013

(368 pages, 15.5 MB pdf )


Board of Trustees Meeting Materials

(All materials are in Adobe pdf)

Cover Letter

Agenda - Revised January 18, 2013


Committee Assignments

Trustee Terms

Instructions for Accessing and Using Electronic Board Materials

TAB 1 - Board Policy on Background Screenings

TAB 2 - Status of Implementation of Recommendations of the Employee Health Plan Task Force

Withdrawn   TAB 3 - Academic Program Eliminations, USM

TAB 4 - New Academic Program - BS in Aviation, UMA

TAB 5 - International Study Centers - Update

International Student Study Centers

TAB 6 - Credit Transfer Steering Committee: Intra-System Implementation Plan

Credit Transfer Steering Committee Exec Summary

Credit Transfer Steering Committee Implementation Plan

TAB 7 - Adult Baccalaureate Completion/Distance Education Committee

TAB 8 - UMS Teacher, Counselor & Administrator Preparation Programs: Responding to State & National Initiatives

UMS Teacher Counselor Admin Preparation Programs Presentation January 28, 2013

TAB 9 - Academic Year Calendars for 2013-2015

University Calendar Submission Form

TAB 10 - Computer Science-Information Technology (CS-IT) Initiatives: Update

Computer Science Information Technology Update

Computer Science Information Technology Press Conference Info

TAB 11 - Financial Update

Financial Update - Core Financial Ratios FY12

Multi Year Financial Analysis FY14-18

TAB 12 - Capital Projects Status Report

TAB 13 - Estabrooke Repurposing and Renovation, UM

TAB 14 - Dow Chapel Disposal, UMA

TAB 15 - Merrill Hall Boiler Replacement, UMF

TAB 16 - Land Acquisition by Gift, UMM

TAB 17 - Mantor Green Geothermal Well Field Construction, UMF

TAB 18 - Updates on Outcomes Based Funding and Administrative Reviews

TAB 19 - Student Representative's Agenda

TAB 20 - Wind Power Presentation


TAB 21 - Outcomes Based Funding Review Team Recommendations

TAB 22 - Recommendations for the Redesign of Information Technology Service Delivery

TAB 23 - Report on Procurement Review Team Conceptual Design

TAB 24 - Confirm Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees

TAB 25 - Honorary Degree Nominations for 2014

TAB 26 - Resolution for Exclusion of Certain Officers and Directors

TAB 27 - Annual Report on Grants and Contracts for FY2012

TAB 28 - Student Financial Aid Report for FY2012

TAB 29 - Annual Report on Degrees Conferred

TAB 30 - Dashboard Indicators

TAB 31 - Agenda Calendar

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