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University of Maine System (UMS) has designated Sino-America Education Group (SAEG) Nanning Mejia Education Information Consulting as its representative in China to establish cooperative and joint degree programs for UMS institutions. Sino-America Education Group will also recruit Chinese students and scholars for UMS. If you are in China, and you would like to have more information about our degrees and programs and are interested in attending University of Maine System institutions, please contact
SAEG’s Nanning office:
Phone Number: 0771-552-4200 or 0771-552-4211 or 13597291625
Email Address:

UMS China Information


Dr. Yurui Zhen is the Manager of the University of Maine System’s China Project for working with Chinese high schools to establish partnerships, to recruit students, and to promote educational opportunities at the seven universities of the University of Maine System. She can be reached at


Yurui’s colleagues in China are:

Mr. Frank Xu, CEO of US Ivy League Cooperation (China),

Shenzhen, China.



Ms. Hui Zhang President of MeiDa Education,

Changsha, China.