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Dialogues in the Disciplines

To foster greater energy and synergy within Maine’s Public Universities on critical issues surrounding the overall topic of student success, the System established a forum series in which these important and relevant issues are discussed by members of the university community. This forum, called Dialogues in the Disciplines, is a series of system-wide conferences designed to investigate, discuss and formulate policies and practices with the ultimate goal of improving the success of Maine’s students.

This forum series is consistent with the University of Maine System Agenda for Action, which makes increasing the quality of the academic learning environment a major focus of the collaborative and independent work of each university in the System.

September 25, 2008 - "Teaching Excellence"


"What the Best College Teachers Do"

Ken Bain, Vice Provost for Instruction, Professor of History, and Director of the Teaching and Learning Resource Center at Montclair State University.

"3C Curriculum"

Susan A. Gendron, Maine Commissioner of Education

"Higher Education and the Maine Economy: The Role of Faculty "

Dr. James Breece, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs