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Tenure and Promotion

The Board of Trustees will consider tenure nominations at the March 14, 2011 meeting.  It is understood that all faculty nominations for tenure and promotion will be made in accord with Board of Trustees policy guidelines and that the internal tenure procedures of each institution are in accord with the provisions outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

The letter of transmittal, covering all materials and information relating to the tenure nominations, are sent to the Chancellor's office.

Tenure and Promotion Materials

Application Form (MS Word - .doc)

Application Form (MS Word 2007 - .docx)

   -Application Process Document (pdf)

Sample List of Nominees (pdf)

Tenure Trend Data Sheet (pdf)

Tenure Review Process (pdf)

Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion Review Letters (pdf)

Sample Presentation for Student Evaluations (pdf)

Sample Tenure and Promotion Timetable (pdf)