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Dr. George Kuh

Photo of George KuhDr. George D. Kuh is the leading scholar in research on student development, assessment, and environments. He directs the National Survey of Student Engagement and College Student Experiences Questionnaire Research Program. Widely published, Dr. Kuh’s interests include assessment, institutional improvement, and campus cultures. He has consulted with more than 140 higher education institutions and educational agencies in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Kuh has received awards from numerous associations for his research contributions.

Board of Trustees Presentation - March 19, 2007

NSSE - A Window Into Student and Institutional Performance (PowerPoint)

Presentations at UMS office - March 20, 2007

Session 1 - Strengthening Institutional Responsibilty for Learning: Lessons from the National Survey of Student Engagement (PowerPoint)
George Kuh
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Session 2 - Creating Conditions that Matter to Student Success: Lessons from High Performing Institutions (PowerPoint)
George Kuh Presentation
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NSSE Benchmark Tab Sheet (PDF)
DEEP Institutional Self Assessment Template (PDF)
Taking Stock of What Matters (PDF)


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