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Vincent Tinto

Vincent Tinto Vincent Tinto received his Ph.D. in education and sociology from The University of Chicago. He is currently Distinguished University Professor at Syracuse University and served as chair of the higher education program. He has carried out research and has written extensively on higher education, particularly on student retention and the impact of learning communities on student growth and attainment.

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Background Materials

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"Understanding the Supplemental Instruction Model" - David Arendale

"From Teaching to Learning" - Robert Barr and John Tagg

"Classrooms as Communities" - Vincent Tinto

"Cooperative Learning Returns to College" - David Johnson, Roger Johnson, Karl Smith

"Why Learning, Why Communities, Why Now?" - K. Patricia Cross

"Access Without Support is Not Opportunity" - Cathy Engstrom and Vincent Tinto

"Collaborative Learning Comes of Age" - Zelda Gamson

"Learning Better Together: The Impact of Learning Communities on Student Success" - Vincent Tinto

"Preparing Students for Educated Living: Virtues of Problem-Based Learning Across the Higher Education Curriculum" - Dave Knowlton

"CATs: A Student's Gateway to Better Learning" - Mimi Steadman, Marilla Svinicki

"Taking Student Retention Seriously: Rethinking the First Year of College" - Vincent Tinto