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Safety and Environmental Management


UMS Hazardous Mitigation Update


The UMS Office of Facilities, in providing risk management services, assists member campuses regarding safety and environmental management through consultation, training, and program/incident review services.  

According to the University's Board of Trustees:

"The University of Maine System is committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of all members of the University community in its operations and activities.

UMS also recognizes the obligation to demonstrate safety and environmental leadership by maintaining the highest standards and serving as an example to our students as well as the community at large."



University of Maine System Board of Trustees,
Environmental and Safety Policy
Section 1002 of UMS Board Policy Manual







Policies & Practices

UMS Board of Trustees'
Environmental and Safety Policy

This policy was revised in 2003 to better define the Board’s desire to maintain safe campuses and promote environmental stewardship.  The Chancellor is directed to take actions necessary to ensure all units of UMS are in compliance with this policy and pertinent federal and state regulations. The Chancellor or designated representative is authorized to review plans developed to assure compliance with this policy.

Environmental and Safety Management System

University of Maine System’s Administrative Practice Letters are designed to further clarify the implementation of Trustee Policy through specific minimum practices.

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