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Capital Construction and Project Management Information

A list of documents and forms for capital construction projects appear below. Anyone may view and/or download these documents; however, the inclusion of any form or document in a University contract is the sole responsibility of the University administrator of the contract. The documents below are available as Adobe Acrobat® files, Microsoft Word® or Excel® files. To request paper copy or electronic files, please email Kay Saucier.

Capital Construction Project - by Campus

Project Planning

~ Capital Project Procedures *New Form*

~ Capital Project Approval Form *New Form* - For Projects over $500,000

~ Project Budget Form

~ Project Create Form

~ Wage Determination Request  (Wage Determination Request Process)


Capital Construction Design Documents

~ UMS Design Documents


Capital Construction Project Documents

~ Projects Under $50,000

~ Projects Over $50,000

Additional Documents

          ~ Notice of Award  

~ Pre-construction Meeting Agenda


~ Bid Open Documents:  Form for tabulating base bids and filed sub-bids


~ Project Check List:  Submit to system Office of Facilities with a copy of the Letter of Award


~ Percent of Art Contract

~ Requisition Approval Letter:  Transmittal letter for approved requisition


~ Change Order Request Letter:  Transmittal Letter for Change Order that needs to be signed and returned


~ Change Order Approval Letter: Transmittal letter for Change Order


UMS Workers’ Compensation Verification List (Title §1302-A)

Developing your Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan: A Guide for Construction Sites