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Real Estate and Lease Management

APL  (II-F) – Sale, Lease or Use of Real Property to or by Third Parties

APL (II-G) – Acquisition of Real Property through Purchase, Gift, Lease or License

BOT Policy ManualDisposition of Property/University as Lessor of Real Property

BOT Policy ManualAcquisition of Real Property

Real Estate Acquisition or Disposition Form – Must be submitted, together with pertinent documentation and drawings, to the System Facilities Office for review and approval prior to acquisitions and dispositions (including gifts and easements) of real estate. Please email your submission to Brenda Nalley at or 973-3332.

Real Estate Acquisitions & Dispositions – Word Document


Standard Lease Agreements. Please follow the link and complete the lessee/lessor document and email it to Brenda Nalley at or 973-3332.

Standard Lease Agreement: Lessee
Standard Lease Agreement: Lessor


Real Estate Agreement Review Form – Must be completed and submitted to the System Facilities Office for all leases entered into by the University

Real Estate Agreement Review Request Form – Word Document (updated 08/25/2010)

Lease Renewal Letter – Sample renewal letter entered into by the University

Renewal Letter – Word Document

Standard Lease Renewal Form

Renewal Form – Word Document
Renewal Form – PDF File

Lease Amendment Form - **please note**

All lease amendments must have written approval from the System Office in advance of signatures from the Landlord and Tenant.  This amendment form is not to be used for standard renewals within the scope of the parent lease, unless there are concurrent changes to the terms of the lease.

Lease Amendment Form – Word Document


Environmental Checklist – Must be completed and submitted to System Facilities Office for all properties being acquired through purchase, gift, or lease.

Environmental Checklist – Word Document
Environmental Checklist – PDF File