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I.   Overview
II. How to Obtain Coverage
III. Coverages
         A. Personal & Legal Assistance
         B. Emergency Medical Assistance

         C. Political Evacuation Services
IV. International Travel Links
I. Overview

The Ace USA Program provides important 24/7 emergency assistance to registered individuals for travel outside the United States.   Section III below provides a summary of these coverages.  The programs is administered by Europ Assistance as a component of our policy with Ace USA.

The program is available to employees and students traveling outside the United States for University related education or research.  In addition, the program is available to an employee’s spouse and unmarried children, under age nineteen, who have campus administration approval to travel and reside with the traveling employee.  All travelers are strongly encouraged to utilize this program.

The program does not include accident or sickness medical expense benefits, however, it is strongly recommended that all travelers have accident and health insurance in place prior to travel.

Some countries may have economic or trade sanctions imposed by the US Government.  Any travel to these countries requires review by our insurance carrier.  Please submit requests for this travel to Risk Management 4-6 months prior to travel.  The link to currently sanctioned countries is below.

II. How to Obtain Coverage

Travelers must register with Risk Management by submitting a completed New Member Registration Request Form.  Registration can be done on a case-by-case basis or the campus can send a complete list of travelers in advance. 

The program is free to all eligible travelers.

III. Coverages

Below is a summary of the three coverage parts that make up the Ace USA program.

  • Personal  & Legal Assistance
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Political Evacuation Services

This is a summary of coverages available and is for informational purposes only.  Coverage details are available in the Executive Assistance Services overview provided by Ace USA.

A. Personal & Legal Assistance

  • Pre-trip medical referral information to multi-lingual doctors and/or addresses and phone numbers of hospitals
  • Emergency medication arrangements for transportation
  • Lost document assistance
  • Embassy and Consular Information
  • Emergency translation services/referrals
  • Introduction to local attorneys or other legal assistance


B. Emergency & Medical Assistance

  • Emergency medical evacuation when necessary
  • Dispatch of doctor or specialist as needed
  • Medical monitoring – multilingual staff will assist in communication and monitor condition
  • Emergency hospital admission deposit up to $10,000 USD
  • Emergency transportation arrangements for traveling companion when covered person is hospitalized or evacuated
  • Repatriation of Remains

C. Political Evacuation Services


  • Priority access to iJET emergency evacuation services
  • Repatriation to country of which covered person is a resident/citizen, when necessary

IV.  International Travel Links
Travel Administrative Practice Letter

Travel warnings, passport, and other information (U.S. Department of State): 
Embassy listings:
Traveler's health information (Center for Disease Control):
Emergency Services to U.S. Citizens Abroad:
Flight Information:
Fodor's Travel Guides:
University of Maine Office of International Programs:
University of Southern Maine Office of International Programs:

 Economic or trade sanctioned countries:


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