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All new UMS issued laptop, notebook, netbook, and tablet devices that will or may store or process Compliant or Business Sensitive data shall be deployed with authentication and encryption capabilities installed and activated.

To view a high level overview of some of the most current encryption technologies available, please view the PDF below.

Encryption Overview -- (PDF)


Antivirus & Malware

When looking at anti-virus for your personally owned devices you can go with off the shelf versions or you can go with free anti-virus software.  It is the opinion of many that the free versions work as well as the more costlier ones.

Third Party Contract - Guidelines -

The UMS requires that third-parties who access, transmit, store or process University data do so in a manner that safeguards data consistent with requirements for University systems and employees.  When procuring information technology equipment, software, or services, use this guild line to determine what clauses need to be put in the contract.


SAQ determination, links to PCI resources, and PCI Guides in PDF form.

Choosing Passwords

It is our responsibility to create strong passwords and protect them carefully.  Remember, when you create a password you need to maintain a balance between the ability to remember the password with the complexity of the password.

Spotting a Phishing Email

Phishing is the use of fake email messages that claim to be from a company that you may trust, usually a bank or other financial institutions.  There are a few basic things you can check in emails which will help you identify a Phishing email.

Choosing a Hard Drive Recovery Service

There are many variables to look at when choosing a Hard Drive Recovery Solution.  The most important one to look at is security and the vendors ability to protect the data in the same manner the University would. 

If you are looking for a solution, please contact the Office of Information Security for vetted solutions that will ensure the data you want to recover is protected in a manner that meets the Universities Standards.


Password Management Programs

Password management tools allow anyone to create a secure and encrypted username/password list. The various tools out there will create a safe environment for the end user to organize passwords and create new complex passwords.

Secure Your Information at Home

From securing your wireless network to having an understanding of Phishing and Social Engineering tactics, following these 10 easy steps will go a long way in helping you secure your personal information at home. 

Data Loss Prevention using OpenDLP

The PDF below provides instructions on how to install and deploy this open source Data Loss Prevention which will allow anyone the ability to identify sensitive data at rest.

DataLossPreventionusingOpenDLP -- (PDF)

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