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PeopleSearch scans a database of UMS employee directory ("white pages") information for matches on a portion of a person's legal name or UMS user ID.

For a successful search, please consider the following:

  • If you're not sure of spelling, use a blank or an asterisk to tell the search engine "there may be a few missing letters here". This is called "using a wild card".
  • The search string has implied wild cards at its beginning and end. Hence the search string "scroo" might find Disney character Uncle Scrooge McDuck, if he were a current UMS employee.
  • Searches are case insensitive. It does not matter if you enter your search string in upper or lower case letters.
  • Full names are available without title, rank or suffix.
  • Searches are performed on employee UMS user ID (i.e., "") and full name (i.e., "Donald F. Duck"). When searching for an e-mail (UMS) user ID, omit "" from the search string. Many names are available in the database with middle initial, so a search for "Fauntleroy Duck" may fail, but a search for "d f duck" might well succeed.
  • Punctuation may be significant. Using the Disney character example above, we do not know whether to search for "Donald F. Duck" or "Donald F Duck" until we see the resulting entry, because the database has some people with a middle initial with a period and others with no period. Likewise, a name such as "St. Peter" might be in the database as "StPeter", "St. Peter" or "St Peter".
  • If you know the campus/unit for your employee of interest, select it from the drop down list of campuses/units to make your search more specific.
  • Search results are limited in size. If a search would return "too many" entries, none are returned. You are currently limited to a maximum of 15 entries per search.
  • A failed search returning no entries may have been too specific or too general. For example:
    • "smith" will fail because it is too general, wheras "joa smith" may succeed.
    • "Puddles Duck" will fail because searches are on the exact entries in the database, and the database contains no entries with the string "puddles" to the left of the string "duck" In general, there are no nicknames in the database.
  • To make a search as accurate as possible, use as many letters as possible.

PeopleSearch returns public information from a database of active faculty and staff. Student employees are, in general, not in this database. Postal address and phone numbers are University, not home, information. If a person is associated with more than one department or campus or telephone number, each is listed (irregardless of the type of the association).

The e-mail address displayed is always an "" address and is the official University System e-mail address, but not necessarily the e-mail address used regularly by the employee. When another address is used, the University encourages faculty/staff to forward their official University System e-mail address to the e-mail address used regularly. This is easily accomplished at

To correct your information, please contact your Office of Human Resources. These offices are available online.

From time to time search requests may time out and result in a reported error for reasons unrelated to the search query itself. If search queries repeatedly time out or otherwise result in an error over an extended period of time please report the times of the attempts and the search queries used to Drew Northup at UMS ITS.


The characters associated with the names Uncle Scrooge McDuck and Donald F. Duck (aka Donald Fauntleroy Duck) and all associated trademarks are property of The Walt Disney Company.

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