Maine's Public Universities - University of Maine System

Functional Security Overview:
Campus Solutions 8.9


Security in this context refers to the screens in Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS) 8.9 (student administration services) that an end-user is allowed to view and/or change.  Security in CS 8.9 is assigned to employees depending upon their "roles" in PeopleSoft, and will be similar to the security setup that exists today with ISIS and DSIS. 

Most users' roles will allow them access to information about only those students who have an affiliation with the user's institution of employment.  Each university has designated a small number of employees who will see information about any student within the University of Maine System, regardless of the student's institutional affiliation.

A new and important piece of security provided by Campus Solutions is a means to protect Social Security Numbers and birthdates of students, faculty, and staff members.  This sensitive data will be partially "masked" for users who do not have a need to know the full SSN or date of birth.  Full SSNs and birthdates will be visible only to those with appropriate roles within the Campus Community component of Campus Solutions.

As training on the new system progresses, it is expected that there will be changes to role assignments and the need for additional roles beyond those already identified.  Using feedback from training sessions, any additional roles that are needed will be created, and campuses will be able to adjust the assignment of roles using the existing roles and any newly created roles. 

Security is an iterative process continuing through go-live; adjustments can be made to role assignments and security both until and after implementation.


June 12, 2006