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A Peek A Week: HR Upgrade

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Peek #3: Previous and next


This Peek provides information for all employees, including student employees.


Peeks #1 (The new menu) and #2 (Punch-time screens) introduced you to new time reporting screens that you will see after the HR upgrade takes place in mid-March 2007.


Here’s a new feature that will be available on the Timesheet screens for all employees:  Previous Week and Next Week.  (This happens to be a Timesheet for an employee who is paid hourly.)


screen shot                                                                                            








Clicking on either Previous Week or Next Week will take you to the Timesheet screen for, obviously, the previous or the next week.  This can be handy when you enter your time for a pay period.


Here is what the Previous Week screen might look like for the above employee:



screen shot



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January 2007