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A Peek A Week: Campus Solutions


Peek #1: Campus Community


a campus community

Think about all of the students associated with the University of Maine System.  Think of a single place where information about each of these many thousands of people is stored.  This is the Campus Community, the central repository in Oracle/PeopleSoft for all of the data, or “person information,” that is used by the student administration services system (called Campus Solutions by Oracle/PeopleSoft).

The “person information” in Campus Community is an individual’s personal data: bio-demographic data, application information, activities, etc. for students and prospective students.  Each individual's information is identified in PeopleSoft by a unique number: the EMPLID. 

On July 31, Campus Community goes live.  Although some tasks will still be done in our legacy systems (see PeopleSoft / ISIS Survival Guide for what goes where), all student bio-demo data will be maintained in Campus Community.

Depending on the level of security assigned to you (a future Peek will provide more on security in PeopleSoft), you may see many, or only a few, "folders" when you log into Campus Community.  Here's a view of the screen you'll see if you have the ability to change a student's address. 


Address screen


May 2006