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A Peek A Week: HR Upgrade

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Peek #2: Punch-time screens


This Peek provides information for student employees.


When the HRMS upgrade to PeopleSoft version 8.9 occurs (planned for mid-March 2007), you’ll see that your punch-time screens will look a bit different.  To start, the menu pick will say “Timesheet” rather than “Weekly Punch Time.”

Man peeking through blindsHere is a peek at the new look of the menu and the improved and more intuitive Timesheet screen. Neat new features include:

              · The date of the week is already there (you won’t have to add a line and type in the date).

              · The date is there twice: once at the beginning and again at the end of the line. 

              · The Timesheet opens showing every day from the beginning of a Sunday-through-Saturday time period so you can see what you’ve already put in for days earlier in that week.

              · You will simply fill in the blanks with your hours in and out; the system will automatically total your hours when you click the yellow “submit” button.



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For more about how to use the new Timesheet screen, check out the Quick Guide for Student Employee Time Entry.


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January 2007