Maine's Public Universities - University of Maine System


Administrative Systems Development and Support Staff Directory


Andersen, Peter

Senior Reporting Technical Analyst

Blauvelt, Aseidas

Application Analyst

Byther, Matthew

Production Support Lead

Caron, Cathy

Administrative Assistant II

Chaisson, Christine
Analyst Programmer

Cox, Alison

Admissions, Campus Community and Transfer Credit Business Analyst

Doheny, Sarah

Financial Aid Business Analyst

Elsemore, William

Asst Director of ASDS for Financial & Human Resources Information Systems

Fang, Xiumei

Database Administrator

Flood, Ann

Human Resources Business Analyst

Gilfillan, William

Director of Budget and Internal Reporting

Hall, DonnaLynn

Senior Analyst Programmer

Higgins, Michael

Analyst Programmer

Hikel, Kim

User Support Analyst

Lagasse, Gary

Production Support Lead

Lastufka, Patrice

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Mitchell, Cindy

Director of Administrative Systems Development and Support

Morrison, Dwayne

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Tom Ouellette

Analyst Programmer

Perry, Robin

Financials Business Analyst

Poulin, McLean

Change Management Analyst

Radigan, William

Assistant Director for Advancement Technologies

Saunders, Gary

Student Records Business Analyst

Sherman, Robin

Student Financials Business Analyst/Manager of Training

Shufelt, Ursula

Senior Analyst/Programmer

St. Peter, John

Database Administrator Lead

Van Dine, Kate

Senior Analyst Programmer

Vel, Valli

Database Administrator

Wei, Helen

Senior Analyst Programmer

White, James

Development Lead



April 25, 2012