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About UPK

UPK stands for User Productivity Kit.  This is a training tool that will allow you to learn how to use our PeopleSoft systems at your work station, at your own pace, and at a time that fits in your work schedule.

You will be able to access these training options right from the MaineStreet portal, as you now access other training tools and documentation.  There will soon be a link to the UPK Player, which will make available to you these options:  



The See It! option allows you to watch a demonstration of a specific process--changing a name or searching for a course, for example.  Your hands don't touch the keyboard or the mouse.

Try It! walks you through the process by showing you each mouse click or keystroke you should make, and you do the clicking and the keyboarding.

When you feel comfortable actually doing the process yourself, Know It? will "observe" you as you work and will stop you and point you in the right direction if you try to do something incorrectly.  See It!, Try It! and Know It? are simulations that work from the UPK database; you cannot mess up anything that's "live' in PeopleSoft.

The Do It! option is also available by clicking on the "Help" button that will appear on every PeopleSoft page in Campus Solutions.  Do It! will open a small window alongside the PeopleSoft page on which you are working.  It will show you the next step you should take in the process you're trying to complete.  Do It! helps you while you are right there, live in PeopleSoft, doing real work.

In addition to the on-screen assistance provided by UPK, there will also be an array of written documentation available to you, including manuals and job aids (also called "quick guides").  These materials will be available under the "Training Tools and Documentation" link on the MaineStreet portal.


To begin with, UPK will be used mostly for Campus Solutions as these processes go live, but expect to be able to use it to learn Employee Self-Service functions soon.  Eventually training materials for Financials and more of HR will also be made available in UPK form.



August 27, 2007