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Campus Solutions: Financial Aid

Process Documents and Quick Guides (pdf)

Process Documents are in-depth documentation of the steps necessary to complete a process, including the policies behind the process.

Quick Guides are fast, easy-to-follow and brief instructions for performing specific tasks in MaineStreet (PeopleSoft).  All are pdf documents. 

Topic Process Document Quick Guide Last Revision
3Cs for Financial Aid
ISIR2C Process 01/02/2009
ISIR Communication Follow-Up   01/02/2009
FAN Communication Assignment 01/02/2009
FAN Letter Generation 01/02/2009
SAP Communications 01/07/2009
Working with ISIRs
Search/Match for Financial Aid   05/06/2009
Importing a Federal Data File 01/02/2009
ISIR Load 01/02/2009
Suspense Management   01/02/2009
ISIR Corrections 01/02/2009
ISIR Signature 01/02/2009
Processing Outbound Files 01/02/2009
Simulating FM Data 01/02/2009
Using INAS Batch Calculations 01/02/2009
Entering Verification Data 01/02/2009
Verification Using Consolidation Page 01/02/2009
Using Auto Verification 01/02/2009
Consolidation & Verification in Batch 01/02/2009
Managing Financial Aid Terms
Activating an Aid Year for a Student 01/02/2009
Building FA Term Online 01/02/2009
Building FA Term in Batch 01/02/2009
Update FA Term with ISIR Enrollment   01/02/2009
Working with Student Budgets
Creating a Budget Online 01/02/2009
Batch Budget Create 01/02/2009
Revising a Budget Manually 01/02/2009
Budget Flag Assign 01/02/2009
Pell Budget Adjustment 01/02/2009
Viewing a Students Budget   01/02/2009
Batch SAP Evaluation 01/02/2009
Online SAP Evaluation 01/02/2009
SAP Communications   01/02/2009
Evaluating ACG SMART Eligibility   01/02/2009
Processing ACG SMART 01/02/2009
Pell Orgination 01/02/2009
Creating Pell Outbound Files 01/02/2009
How to Reconcile Pell PD QG 12/10/2010
Awarding and Disbursing
Packaging Status Summary 01/02/2009
Ready to Package 01/02/2009
Manual Awarding 01/02/2009
Auto Packaging 01/02/2009
Mass Packaging 01/02/2009
Revising Awards   01/02/2009
One Semester Awards 01/07/2009
Less Than Full Time Award Adjustments 01/07/2009
Viewing Award Activity 01/02/2009
User Edit Messages   01/02/2009
Setting Up a Lender   01/02/2009
Setting up Servicers & Guarantors   01/07/2009
Originating a Common Line Loan 01/02/2009
Validating Common Line Loans 01/02/2009
Creating CL Outbound File 01/02/2009
Processing CL Inbound Files 01/07/2009
Entering CL Disbursements Manually 01/07/2009
Adjusting Loan Amounts   01/07/2009
Managing a Direct Loan   01/02/2009
Originating a Direct Loan   01/02/2009
Create Direct Lending Outbound   01/02/2009
Viewing a Students Originated Loans 01/02/2009
Assigning Self-Service Access
Assigning Self-Service Access 01/02/2009
Authorizing and Disbursing Financial Aid
Disbursing in Batch 01/02/2009
Manually Disbursing 01/02/2009
Reviewing Authorization & Disbursement   01/02/2009
Return of Title IV Aid
Calculating the Return of Title IV Aid 01/02/2009
FA Terms and Budgets
Packaging Status Summary 01/02/2009
Update FA Term with ISIR Enrollment   01/02/2009
Maine State Grant
Exporting/Importing Maine State Grant   10/23/2009
Topics for Students
Viewing Pending Financial Aid   01/02/2009

Accept, Reduce & Decline Awards


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