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Process Documents are in-depth documentation of the steps necessary to complete a process, including the policies behind the process.

Quick Guides are fast, easy-to-follow and brief instructions for performing specific tasks in MaineStreet (PeopleSoft).  All are pdf documents.

Name/Description Process Docs Quick Guides Last Revision
HRMS Navigation Guide   09/12/2012
HRMS Topics
Processing Non-Resident Alien

Date Definitions



Seniority Dates Cheat Sheet


Monitor And Change (MAC) Report

  Address Change PD QG 08/31/2009
  Administrative Post PD QG 11/07/2008
  Disability PD QG 11/07/2008
  Education PD QG 11/07/2008
  Emergency Contact PD QG 08/31/2009
  Hire PD   03/06/2008
     Mid-Year Hire PD   04/26/2007
     New Employment Instance PD   02/11/2007
     Rehire PD   04/11/2007
  Licenses/Certifications PD QG 08/28/2009
  Military Discharge Date PD QG 11/07/2008
  Name Change PD QG 08/28/2009
  Next Review Date PD QG 06/10/2009
  Personal Data Change QG 08/28/2009
  Tenure Data    
  ABBR PD QG 08/28/2009
  Biweekly paid less than 26 payperiods PD QG 11/07/2008
  Data Change PD QG 11/07/2008
  Faculty Post Tenure Salary Adjustments  PD   09/02/2011
     Leave of Absence - FMLA   11/07/2008
     Long Term Disability New!


     Paid Leave
PD QG 10/30/2008
     Paid Sabbatical Leave PD QG 02/19/2009
     Return from Paid Leave PD QG 10/30/2008
     Return from Sabbatical Leave PD QG 02/25/2009
     Return from Unpaid Leave PD QG 10/30/2008
     Unpaid Leave PD QG 10/30/2008
     Mutual Reduction - Hourly PD QG 10/30/2008
     Mutual Reduction - Salary PD QG 10/30/2008
     End Mutual Reduction - Hourly PD QG 10/30/2008
     End Mutual Reduction - Salary PD QG 10/30/2008
     Partial Phased Retirement PD QG 03/13/2009
  Part-time Benefits Status Change PD QG 09/03/2009
  Pay Rate Change - Adjustment PD QG 10/30/2008
  Pay Rate Change - Step PD QG 10/30/2008
  Promotion PD QG 12/18/2008
  Reclassification PD QG 08/06/2009
  Retrenchment PD QG 03/12/2009
     Short Work Break - Begin PD QG 08/31/2009
     Short Work Break - Return to Work PD QG 09/01/2009
  Stipend PD QG 03/18/2009
     Termination - Death of Employee PD QG 12/09/2008
     Termination - Faculty (Paying Balance of Contract)   QG 05/24/2013
     Termination - Layoff PD QG 07/31/2009
     Termination - PATFA PD   02/11/2007
     Termination - Retirement PD QG 02/19/2009
     Termination of Employment PD QG 10/31/2008
  Transfer PD QG 10/31/2008
  Union Enrollment Change PD QG 10/31/2008
  Voluntary Schedule Reduction - Salary PD QG 10/31/2008
  Voluntary Schedule Reduction - Hourly PD QG 10/31/2008
  Work Year Calendar PD QG 02/11/2009
  PATFA Benefits Eligibility/Ineligiblity PD   01/31/2013
  PATFA Credits - New PD QG 12/09/2008
  PAFTA Credits - Additional PD QG 12/09/2008
  PATFA Work Break - Expected to Return PD QG 09/01/2009
  PATFA Work Break - Employee returns PD QG 09/02/2009
  PATFA Work Break - NOT Returning PD QG 09/02/2009
  PATFA Work Break - Returns unexpectedly PD QG 09/02/2009
  PATFA - Termination PD   02/11/2007
  Creating a new POI PD QG 02/07/2011
  Creating POI from former EMP PD QG 02/10/2011
  Adding a POI Instance PD QG 02/07/2011
  Maintaining POI PD QG 02/07/2011
  Hiring POI as EMP PD QG 02/10/2011
news itemPosition Cross-Ref by Position Data PD   05/08/2012
news itemPosition Budget Transfer PD   05/08/2012
Contract Data PD QG 02/11/2009
Position Audit Report QG 08/28/2009
Position Data - Clone an existing Position QG 08/27/2009
Position Data - Create a new Position QG 08/27/2009
Position Data - Inactivate Position QG 08/14/2009
Position Data - Update Position QG


  Query Mover QG 03/04/2011
  Query Manager QG 03/08/2011


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September 12, 2012