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 Process Documents and Quick Guides

Process Documents are in-depth documentation of the steps necessary to complete a process, including the policies behind the process.

Quick Guides are fast, easy-to-follow and brief instructions for performing specific tasks in MaineStreet (PeopleSoft).  All are pdf documents. 

Name/Description Process Docs Quick Guides Last Revision
HRMS Navigation Guide   QG 01/08/2007
Time Entry Topics
Entering Time - Hourly   QG 10/18/2008
Entering Time - Salaried   QG 10/18/2008
Entering Time - Students   QG 10/18/2008
Manager Self-Service Topics
Manager Search Options PD QG 10/28/2007
View Payable Time PD QG 10/28/2007
Approve Payable Time PD QG 10/28/2007
Time Management   QG 02/23/2007
Work-Study Distribution Topics
Distribution Detail Setup   QG 09/13/2006
Distribution Rules Setup   QG 09/13/2006
Additional Pay - Cancellation Fees PD   01/07/2007
Additional Pay - Dual Rate PD   02/04/2007
Additional Pay - Miscellaneous PD   01/07/2007
Additional Pay - Overload PD   02/01/2007
Direct Deposit PD   02/01/2007
Distribution Detail PD   04/16/2008
Employee Tax Data PD   02/01/2007
General Deduction PD   01/30/2007
Payroll Check Distribution PD   02/01/2007
Time Reporter Data PD   02/16/2007


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