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Finanicials Training Materials

Please use the documents linked below to help you become familiar with how processes function in the Financials MaineStreet system and the MaineStreet Marketplace. You can also use the MarketPlace UPK Player and the Financials UPK Player to view demos of processes and practice them in the UPK Player simulation environment.


Topic Process Docs Quick Guides Last Revised
Financials - General Ledger
Create/Update Journal Entry 10/27/2011
Copy Journal Entry 10/27/2011
Print a Journal Entry PD   10/27/2011
Excel Journal Entry PD QG 10/27/2011
Customize Journal ChartField Order PD   10/27/2011
GL Translate Tool PD   10/27/2011
Running GL inquiry Reports PD   10/27/2011
Navigating to and Setting MarketPlace Default
Navigating to MaineStreet MarketPlace 01/11/2011
Accounting Codes 12/08/2010
Set Accounting Code Favorites PD QG 07/25/2011
Default Ship To Address PD QG 12/08/2010
Email Notifications PD QG 12/08/2010
Customize Tab Order PD QG 11/04/2010
Purchasing (Shopping/Requisitioning)
Search for General Item & Filter Results PD QG 12/08/2010
Create a Cart from a Hosted Catalog and Save PD QG 11/04/2010
Cancel a Punchout Session Without Returning Items to a Cart PD QG 11/04/2010
Add to Existing Cart from Non-Catalog Form PD QG 11/04/2010
Create New Cart from Vendor Quote PD QG 09/16/2011
Non-Catalog Multi-Line Order PD QG 08/31/2011
Create New Cart from Punchout Supplier PD   12/13/2010
Create a Favorite PD   11/04/2010
Create Shared Favorite PD QG 02/23/2011
Unassign a Cart PD QG 11/04/2010
Modify an Existing Cart PD QG 12/08/2010
Copy a Previously Submitted Cart into a New Cart PD QG 11/04/2010
Submit a Check Request via Forms PD QG 01/10/2011
Submit an After the Fact Form Request PD 09/23/2011
Remove Cart from Workflow/Edit/Assign QG 12/13/2010
Retrieve an Assigned Cart QG 12/21/1010
Edit a Retrieved Cart QG 12/21/1010
Add Items to a Retrieved Cart QG 12/21/1010
Return Cart to Shopper PD QG 07/25/2011
Proceed to Checkout to Finalize Cart Information and Place Order QG 12/21/1010
Add Split Accounting at the Line Item of a Cart QG 12/21/1010
Add Ship To and Attention To at the Header of a Cart PD QG 11/04/2010
Update Shipping Address and Attention To on the the Header of a Cart QG 12/21/1010
Add/Update Ship To Address   QG 03/25/2011
Preview Requisition Workflow and Purchase Orders QG 12/21/1010
Submit a Cart to Workflow PD   11/04/2010
Research the Workflow Status of a Requisition QG 12/21/1010
Assign Substitute Requisitionser QG 12/13/2010
Add Comments to the Cart QG 01/10/2011
View All Comments for Related Documents QG 07/25/2011
Add Accounting and Comments at the Header of the Cart PD QG 11/04/2010
Withdraw a Requisition PD QG 02/23/2011
Document Search - Simple Search PD   03/26/2012
Document Search - Advanced Search PD   03/27/2012
View the Status of a Payment PD QG 11/04/2010
Create a SpeedType PD QG 01/10/2011
Retire a SpeedType PD QG 01/14/2011
Add Payment Terms Advice PD QG 02/04/2011
Remittance Advice   QG 01/13/2011
Request a PO Change PD QG 02/04/2011
Create a Receipt PD 04/03/2012
Create a Return or Reversal Receipt PD 04/03/2012
Email Approvals PD QG 07/26/2011
Navigating Approver Workflow Queues   QG 01/13/2011
Assign, Review and Approve a Requisition PD QG 01/10/2011
Assign, Review and Partially Approve a Requisition PD QG 02/04/2011
Approve a Requisition PD QG 12/08/2010
Reject a Requisition PD QG 11/04/2010
Return a Requisition to the Requestor with Comments PD QG 11/04/2010
Forward a Requisition to Another Approver PD QG 11/04/2010
Assign Substitute Approver for Individual Approval Folders PD QG 03/30/2011
news itemAssign Substitute Approvers for All Approval Folders PD QG 11/08/2011
Reject/Cancel an Invoice PD QG 01/10/2011
Accounts Payable
Create a PO Voucher PD QG 11/04/2010
Create a PO Voucher from a Form PD QG 11/04/2010
Create a Non-PO Voucher PD QG 11/04/2010
Edit a Voucher PD QG 11/04/2010
Add Customer Account Number to a Voucher PD QG 11/04/2010
Forward a Voucher PD QG 11/04/2010
Review Match Exception Queue PD QG 11/04/2010
Approve Force/Match a Voucher PD QG 11/04/2010
Create a Credit Memo PD QG 11/04/2010
Process a 1099 Reportable Voucher PD QG 01/10/2010
Power Users
Adding Users to MarketPlace   QG 01/18/2011
PSFT to MSM Profile Mapping   QG 01/13/2011
Add Line to PO & Redispatch to Supplier   QG 04/22/2011
Change Order - Changing ChartFields PD QG 01/10/2011
Confirming and Overriding PO Dispatch Methods   QG 01/19/2011
Expedite Requisition - Campus Leader in Workflow Chain PD QG 02/04/2011
Expedite Requisition - Campus Leader Not in Workflow Chain PD QG 02/04/2011
View Draft Carts for Other Users PD QG 07/25/2011
Submit Cart/Requisition for Another Shopper/Requestor PD QG 07/26/2011