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Go-live of Financial Management postponed to July 5

The University of Maine System is committed to offering the best possible software environment for end-users in Financial Management.  Following an assessment of our readiness to implement Phase I of the Financials module, we have determined that we can better assure a more stable and successful go-live by delaying the go-live from April 4 until July 5, 2005.

 The July implementation date will:

 ü allow end-users time to complete 2005 year-end financial tasks using the familiar, current FAST system

 ü provide sufficient opportunity for the new system to be thoroughly tested

 ü ensure that all end-users are properly trained and able to practice in a supervised environment (the Sandbox) prior to implementation

 ü allow time for the project team members to determine that financial processes work properly

 ü ensure the highest quality final product for the University of Maine System.

 During the next weeks the Project Enterprise team will work with campus Training and Communications Coordinators to establish revised training schedules and to communicate testing plans.  We will depend upon those end-users who have already been trained to continue their involvement in the process; this will ensure that our implementation in July will be successful, that end-users will be comfortable using the new system, and that we can offer the best product possible to employees who are trained and ready to use it.

January 2005