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Project Overview and History


What is It?
"MaineStreet UMS" is the road to online access in the University of Maine System.  Through the MaineStreet portal, faculty, staff, students, and prospective students will find the University System's enterprise-wide administrative computing system. This new computing system incorporates software developed by Oracle® (formerly PeopleSoft®).

This software is a web-based program that integrates Human Resources, Financial Management, and Campus Solutions (student administration) services into one central administrative computing system that supports the University of Maine System and all of its institutions.

Module Features
Human Resources payroll, benefits, time-and-leave reporting, etc.
Financial Management accounting, purchasing, grants, contracts, budget, etc.
Campus Solutions admissions and recruitment, student financials, student records, financial aid, academic advisement


Why new software? Why now?
The computerized programs that provide University of Maine System student information, financial management, and human resources functions were written in the 1970s and early 1980s (our "legacy" systems). They are now outdated in design, technology, and focus, and require duplication of effort and excessive manual processing. They have limited reporting capabilities; they do not integrate information; they no longer meet our current and future needs.

Years of study
In March of 2002, the University of Maine System concluded six years of study that not only assessed the System's administrative computing capabilities, but also painstakingly researched existing software models to identify the product that would best meet our current and future needs - both as individual universities and as a System.

The best option
PeopleSoft (now Oracle) was chosen after exhaustive study as the best option available to replace administrative systems that had become inadequate to support the University System. A new, integrated administrative computing structure allows UMS to retire its outdated, fragmented, limited, and in many cases obsolete and impossible-to-maintain systems.

New processes and practices
It is important to emphasize that the chosen product does not simply provide new software to do the same old things that our legacy systems did. It offers a wealth of new and improved processes, and web-enabled, self-service applications. In the areas of administration and management, the new system allows us to re-define and improve our existing business practices.

What does this mean for employees and students?
All University of Maine System employees, including student employees, were introduced to the new system during implementation of the Human Resources module in July of 2003. All HR functions, including payroll and time-and-leave reporting, are now done in MaineStreet.  An upgrade to Human Resources was implemented March 13, 2007.

Phase I of Financial Management was implemented on July 5, 2005, including Purchasing, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, a new Chart of Accounts, and replacement of WebFA$T.  An upgrade to Financials was implemented on April 13, 2009.

The Campus Community and Admissions and Recruitment portions of Campus Solutions were successfully implemented on July 31, 2006.  Students began enrolling for fall 2008 classes using the MaineStreet system in March and April 2008.  Students were able to view and pay their student bills in MaineStreet beginning in July 2008, and Financial Aid moved to MaineStreet in February 2009.

How are staff trained to use the new system?
All University of Maine System employees on every campus including student employees receive training in the specific areas that relate to their job responsibilities. Training is offered at every campus, supplemented by web-based reference guides and tutorials and interactive demonstrations. For more information about training schedules and format, and to access online tutorials, click on Training and Communications.

What are the hardware and software requirements of the new system?
Please see our requirements page for information on this.

How can I find out what's going on with the project?
Go to the Project Management and History page to learn more.

You can view current and past issues of the Employee Update newsletter and current issues of News from MaineStreet in Training and Communications.


April 16, 2009