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Peek #1. A Peek at Requisitions

Maybe one of your jobs is ordering stuff for your department. Once the new purchasing system "goes live," you'll be entering your orders on a "requisition" form online. Some of you already enter your orders as requisitions, some of you don't. "What's the difference between a requisition and a purchase order?" you ask...Not a whole lot! The requisition has all the information in it that the PO needs. The PO will be created automatically from the requisition (after appropriate approvals), and then the PO will be mailed (or faxed, or e-mailed) to the vendor.

"So what's the advantage of this procedure over the old system?" you ask...There are lots of benefits behind the scenes, in record keeping, controls, auditing, and so on. And from the perspective of the person who types in requisitions, there will be neat ways of checking on what has happened with an order.


Here's what a requisition status screen looks like in the new system. You see below that requisition 8000000026 was made into Purchase Order 8000000024 that was dispatched on 08/03/04. You can see all the other activity associated with that requisition and the date that it happened. And this is just the beginning!

screen image of requisition status page

Stay tuned for more peeks in the coming weeks.