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Peek #10: Fax Your P.O. and $ave Your Money

Here’s another neat feature you’ll be able to use in PeopleSoft®’s Financial Management system. 

After you create your requisition for purchase and submit it (for purposes of this example we assume it is below your self-approval limit), PeopleSoft will automatically turn it into a purchase order and, if you have selected faxing as the dispatch method, will fax the P.O. directly to the vendor. 


You are probably used to faxing your purchase orders yourself.  Now, you won’t have to do that, and that means you don’t have to pay for the phone call.  The Procurement office at the University of Maine System will foot the phone bill.

Purchase orders will be dispatched three or four times daily.  If for some reason a faxed order doesn’t go through, the central office will be notified immediately and can fix the problem or contact you, the originator. 


You can check on the status of your purchase order by following this navigation in PeopleSoft: Purchasing>Requisitions>Review Requisition Information>Document Status.  Here is the page you will then see:


This tells you that Requisition # 8000000074 resulted in PO #8000000033 and that it has been dispatched.

The first time you work through this requisition process, you’ll want to contact your campus Purchasing office to be sure that your vendor's fax number is included in the correct “vendor location” in PeopleSoft.

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April 2005