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Peek #13: GL Inquiry Pages: What's That?


ledger booksWhen PeopleSoft's Financial Management module is implemented on July 5, you'll no longer be using old, familiar WebFAST for your budget summary information.  Instead, you'll be turning to the GL Inquiry Pages to help monitor your budgets.  GL stands for, obviously, General Ledger--the "book" (or centralized database, these days) of final entry that summarizes all of the University's financial information.


If you refer to the General Ledger, you need GL Inquiry Pages.  This tool (built locally by the Project Enterprise technical team) provides easy-to-access current or historical, summary or detailed account information for departments, programs, and projects.

You know those monthly paper reports (e.g. AM090/91) that you receive as a FAST account user?  The GL Inquiry Pages replace those, with even more funcoffice toolstionality.  You'll be able to access detailed information about GL transactions like Accounts Payable voucher data, payroll actual detail by employee, and detail of encumbrances.  You can set and save your own search criteria according to ChartFields or Tree Nodes (see Peek #12 for more about Trees and Tree Nodes).  You can run your own reports whenever you need them, download them to Excel, and print them in PDF format.

If you have been assigned role(s) in the Financial Management system, you'll get to the GL Inquiry Pages by logging into your PeopleSoft account through the PeopleSoft portal page, then navigating to the Financials menu.  When you select Financials, the menu items that display will depend on what financial role(s) have been assigned to you.  If your role calls for you to have access to the GL Inquiry Pages, this is where you'll find the link to this tool.


However, if you are among the employees who don't really need to have an assigned role in Financials (perhaps you're a faculty member, or a project lead, or even a department chair who doesn't do requisitions or receiving or hands-on management of accounts) but do need to be able to look at budget information, you'll find a link to GL Inquiry Pages on your PeopleSoft portal. 

If you have had access to WebFAST, you probably have been invited to attend a demonstration session at which you were or will be introduced to GL Inquiry Pages.  If this is not the case, and you think you do need to learn more about GL Inquiry Pages, check with your campus Training and Communications Coordinator for Financials.

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