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Peek #14. User ID and EMPLID:  What the heck?

lock and key

You now use your UMS User ID and Password to log into ISIS, your UMS email account (, Blackboard, WebCT, and PeopleSoft®.  Think of your UMS User ID and Password as the key that unlocks all of those doors. 

So where does the EMPLID come in?

When you log into PeopleSoft on the portal page using your UMS User ID and Password combination, PeopleSoft looks at that ID and Password and (to anthropomorphize here) thinks: "Yes, I know this person and will let him/her in." 

PeopleSoft then immediately maps your UMS User ID to your secure seven-digit EMPLID, which is how PeopleSoft then recognizes you for all PeopleSoft tasks.  You might see something like this:

emplid example


However, even though PeopleSoft exclusively uses your EMPLID to identify you, it sometimes refers to that seven-digit number as "User ID."  You might see something like this:



Don't be confused.  The two terms mean the same thing.

[If you need to reassign a worklist item to someone else, you may be using the above screen.  (See Peek #2 for more information about workflow and worklists.)]

Bottom line:  Your UMS User ID and Password get you into PeopleSoft.  Inside PeopleSoft the terms User ID and EMPLID both refer to Name Tagyour seven-digit number.
  If other people know what your seven-digit number is, don't worry.  That number might tell other users what your name is, but it does NOT give other people access to any personal information about you. 

You do, of course, want to keep safe and secure the Password that accompanies your UMS User ID (see first paragraph above).  Refer to Peek #6 for some tips on creating a good password.

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May 2005