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Peek #2. A Peek at PeopleSoft Workflow and Worklists


After implementation of PeopleSoft® Financials, you’ll be able to do many of your work-related tasks online (like entering journal entries and requisitions— see Peek #1). An additional neat feature allows PeopleSoft, in many cases, to pass business process tasks from one person to another. It manages this through the PeopleSoft Workflow process.

Here's how it works: Rules are set in PeopleSoft that determine Workflow paths. For example, if you enter requisitions (you’re a Requisitioner), a Workflow rule can be set to automatically move requisitions that you enter in PeopleSoft on to the person who needs to approve them (a Requisition Approver). Workflow rules will also be set for the journal entry process.

Worklist is the PeopleSoft "to-do" list. Workflow links submitted items (requisitions and journal entries that need approval, for example) to Worklist. When Workflow moves an item (the requisition you created) from you to the Requisition Approver down the line, Workflow places a link to the item on the Approver's Worklist. From the Worklist, she can directly access the PeopleSoft pages necessary to accomplish her task (approve or deny your requisition [or journal entry]). You’ll access your Worklist via your PeopleSoft account navigation bar.

Peoplesoft navigation bar with link to worklist

Here's an example of a Worklist link to Journal Entry #0000000366 that was submitted for approval. The Worklist displays the name of the employee who submitted the journal entry, the date, what type of work is required, a priority level if one was set, and a link to the journal entry.

screen shot with journal entry approval item

Below you can see Worklist links to four different requisitions. Again, the name of the submitting person (the Requisitioner) appears, along with the activity needed (approve the requisition amount), the option for a priority level, and a link to the requisition.

screen shot with requisition approval items

You will have noted that there are more buttons available than are described here ("Mark Worked;" "Reassign"). Be patient; you'll learn about these options in your training session.