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Peek #3. A Peek at the Vendor File

If you order items for your department or work in the financials realm, you already know at least some of the vendors used by your campus. Prior to PeopleSoft®, each UMS institution has maintained its own list of vendors. When Financial Management is implemented, all of those separate lists will be combined into one master list, called the Vendor File. But not to worry, this master list will be "personalized" with a set of defaults for each campus, so you won't have to wade through lists of vendors that you don’t use.

From the master Vendor File, you'll be able to access individual Vendor Records for each of the vendors used by your campus. Here you see the Fisher Scientific Vendor Identifying Information Page. Notice that PeopleSoft generates the Vendor Identification Number (which, in real life, will begin with your own campus identification number, not a zero).

vendor general information page

As you can see from the tabs across the top of the page, the next page available is the Vendor Address Page, which, for our Fisher Scientific sample, looks like this:

vendor address page

You'll learn all about how these pages look and work in your training sessions next semester!