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Peek #4 The Sandbox

Guess what? After you have completed the training for whatever role(s) you are assigned in PeopleSoft®'s Financial Management module, you get to play in the Sandbox!

Yes, it's true. Once you've been trained for a specific role or in a particular financial process, you will have access to the practice "Sandbox" in PeopleSoft. You'll be able to log in as yourself and practice real-life functions - though you'll be using made-up data. You'll be able to go through all of the steps required to complete your actual tasks in a "supervised" environment that doesn't affect your real sandcastles, er, work. If your job responsibilities require you to submit work for approval to your supervisor, you'll be able to do just that in the Sandbox.

person playing in the sandThe Sandbox will be available to you as soon as you have completed your training, and it will remain available as long as it is needed for the Financial Management implementation.

Have fun!