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Peek #9: FAST to GL Translate Tool

When PeopleSoft's Financial Management module is implemented in July, we'll all be using ChartField Combinations instead of our old ten-digit FAST accounts (see Peek #8 for more about ChartFields).
Don't worry: you won't need to memorize your new ChartField Combinations. To help ease the transition from using your legacy FAST account to using PeopleSoft's ChartField Combinations, the Project Enterprise team has developed the FAST to GL (General Ledger) Translate Tool. This tool is web-based and can be accessed from the PeopleSoft portal page (the page you get to after you log in with your id and password).  Click on University of Maine System, then click on Financials, and then on FAST to GL Translate.

The Translate screen provides you with the following two Look Up options:

FAST Look Up: Allows you to enter a FAST account to obtain the associated ChartField Combinations.

FAST Reverse Look Up: Allows you to enter ChartField Combinations to obtain the associated FAST account.

table showing FAST to GL Translate page

The FAST Reverse Look Up option will be an especially helpful tool for ISIS users who need to locate the FAST account/object code combination that represents the Department/Account/Class combination in PeopleSoft.

The FAST to GL Translate tool will remain in use as long as it is needed to transition from the FAST legacy systems to the new PeopleSoft system.

If you have attended a session of "How Business Will Change," you should be able to access the FAST to GL Translate tool.  If you don't find it on your portal, contact your campus Training and Communication Coordinator.  For a list of these folks, see Peek #5: Training.

March 2005