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Process Documents and Quick Guides (pdf)

Process Documents are in-depth documentation of the steps necessary to complete a process, including the policies behind the process. 

Quick Guides are fast, easy-to-follow and brief instructions for performing specific tasks in MaineStreet (PeopleSoft).


Process Document
Quick Guide
Last Revision
MaineStreet Query  
Applying an Aggregate Function   05/19/08
Creating a Query Using Having Criteria   05/19/08
Creating a Query with Runtime Prompts   05/19/08
Creating a Query   05/19/08
Defining Expressions   05/19/08
Creating Record Joins   05/19/08
Deleting Queries   05/19/08
Downloading Queries to Excel and CSV   05/19/08
Editing Queries   05/19/08
Entering Selection Criteria   05/19/08
Making a Query Distinct   05/19/08
Renaming Queries   05/19/08
Running an Existing Query Using Query Manager   05/19/08
Running an Existing Query Using Query Viewer   05/19/08
Specifying Effective Date Criteria   05/19/08
Submitting Process Requests   05/19/08
Open, Run, Schedule and Email a Query   04/02/09


April 02, 2009