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To assure the continued strength of the University of Maine System and its components, the System has undertaken a Strategic Planning Process to examine the mission and future vision for the System, ensuring that they are appropriate, constructive, and substantial for meeting the future needs of Maine citizens.

The Strategic Planning Process, led by the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor, has been a collaborative and deliberative process that has allowed for extensive participation. The Board of Trustees Steering Committee for Strategic Planning and a System-wide Task Force for Strategic Planning is composed of the members of the Board of Trustees Steering Committee for Strategic Planning and the Presidents.

Campus visits were held to engage the campus community in a dialogue about the University of Maine System's Draft Strategic Plan. Each President arranged meetings with faculty, students, staff, and administrators that allowed for meaningful dialogue and feedback about the Draft Plan.

After careful consideration and analysis of public feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan, a revised Strategic Plan was released on September 10, 2004. This Plan contains the vision, strategies, and recommendations for academic and administrative restructuring of the University System.

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the Strategic Plan at its September 19-20, 2004 meeting and authorized the development of an Implementation Planning Process. This important next step of Implementation Planning establishes a network of committees from both the campus and System levels charged with carrying out the objectives of the Strategic Plan. The recommendations that are put forward by the Implementation Planning Committees for each Strategic Direction will be considered by the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, and Presidents for final implementation.

Each set of Implementation Planning Committee recommendations will be posted on the Web for comment. A deadline will be indicated for submission of public comments.

If you have questions or would like to share comments about the Strategic Plan or Implementation Planning Process, you can send an e-mail to