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Campus Solutions: Student Administration Services

A brief history of Campus Solutions in the University of Maine System:

In 2003 the Student Services Transformation Project (SSTP) began laying the groundwork for implementation of a new academic computing system by reviewing hundreds of processes in all areas of student services administration throughout the University System and recommending improvements in how our universities provide services to students.

In the spring of 2004 most of the SSTP Core Team, with a few changes in membership, became the Academic Structure Team, and worked on the basic framework for all subsequent student administration segments.

The SSTP Core Team's documentation of current processes and improvement opportunities were reviewed in the spring of 2005 by the University of Maine System's THESIS Project, charged to "invent and recommend new processes for providing high quality, innovative and efficient services for students throughout the UMS."  THESIS submitted its first reports in March and May, and its recommendations were endorsed by the presidents, the chancellor and the board of trustees.

Based on these recommendations, and incorporating a year of work by the Admissions and Campus Community team, Campus Community (bio-demographic data across all student functions) and Admissions and Recruitment were successfully implemented System-wide on July 31, 2006.

2007 and beyond
Elements of Student Records and Student Financials were implemented in a phased process, as tasks naturally arose during the course of the academic year, beginning with processing of application fees in September of 2007 and registering for Fall 2008 in the spring of 2008.  Implementation of Academic Advisement (which we call Degree Audit) is a campus-based decision.  Financial Aid was implemented in early 2009.

Student Services Transformation Project Core Team summaries

April 7, 2009