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Implementation process for Strategic Direction 7.
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THESIS is a University of Maine System (UMS) project to redesign student services processes and organization as part of UMS Strategic Direction 7.

From January, 2005 through May, 2005, a committee of experienced individuals representing each university and the outreach centers--the Core Team--met weekly to develop new processes for providing high-quality, innovative and efficient services for UMS students. Their recommendations are included in their first report, which was published in June, 2005.

The next phase of the project will build upon the work of the first THESIS committee, including their recommendation to develop integrated student services at each university. These "one-stop" campus service centers will integrate the knowledge of several functional areas and offer students a single place to go to get answers to the majority of their questions. A university representative will lead the project at her or his university.

Examples of "One Stop" Service Models
James Madison University's Student Success Center
-----------The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal
NC State University's List of Planning Resources
University of Minnesota
University of Cincinnati
University of Connecticut
UMass Boston
Georgia State University
San Francisco State University
University of Delaware (PowerPoint courtesy of Elizabeth Wardrop, Associate Registrar at University of Delaware)
University of Delaware Student Services Building Information Packet (pdf)

Resources for THESIS Project Team
Template for One-Stop Project Meeting Agenda (pdf)
Template for One-Stop Project Meeting Minutes (pdf)
Sample Issues Log (Excel document)

Template for Escalated Issue and Response (pdf)
Download USM's "Integrating Student Services" PowerPoint Presentation
USM Portland Campus Advising Services Yearly Outlook of Registrar Functions 2004-2005 (pdf) and Yearly Outlook of Front Desk Operations 2004-2005 (pdf)