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"What's in a Name?"

This project has a new name! You have heard and used the terms “PeopleSoft Project” and “ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Project” for several years now, and we know it’s hard to change a name in mid-stream (mid-project in this case), but we’re going to try.

Neither “PeopleSoft” nor “ERP Project” adequately captures what we’re all about now. The product (PeopleSoft®) has become integrated into the project (enterprise resource planning) that has become integrated into the University of Maine System. Our new name is more reflective of that.

So, this multi-year, multi-faceted project is now to be known as Project Enterprise: Connecting People & Information. You’ll be seeing the new name and new logo on this website and on documents that issue from the Project Enterprise offices from now. (Of course, on items that pre-date this new name you will continue to see our old name and logo.)

We hope you will join the Project Enterprise staff in enthusiastically adopting and using our new name.