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Giving to the University of Maine System

As a state-supported university, the University of Maine System receives approximately 36% of its total operating budget from state appropriations; 27% is generated through student revenues. The remainder comes from grants & contracts, sales of services, and charitable giving. As state support has remained relatively level, private gifts are becoming increasingly vital in maintaining the quality and strength of the University. Private gifts support all aspects of the University, including student financial aid, academic programs, the arts, athletics, faculty, libraries, capital equipment and construction, etc. In many cases these gifts provide opportunities or enhancements that would not otherwise be available.

Donors typically give in one of two ways, either as outright gifts or as a planned gift. Outright gifts include cash, personal checks, credit card payments, securities, real estate, and tangible assets. Planned gifts include charitable gift annuities and bequests. Gifts may be unrestricted, or the donor may stipulate how the gift is to be used. Depending on the donors' wishes, gifts to the University may be available for immediate use or may be endowed with only the income available for use.

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