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Finance and Treasurer

More specific duties include:


  • Provide cash management, banking services, and operational support for all transaction processing, fixed asset accounting, and administering of sponsored programs
  • Establish and negotiate federal benefit and Facilities & Administrative rates
  • Coordinate the preparation, administration, and control of the annual operating budget
  • Issue University revenue bonds; analyze financing alternatives
  • Prepare multi-year financial planning, biennial and annual appropriation request, and state bonding requests
  • Coordinate gift management, reporting, and administer planned giving programs
  • Manage endowment investment, retirement funds, and operating funds
  • Gather, compile, maintain, and analyze information relevant to the administration of the University’s resources
  • Compile and maintain a comprehensive student financial aid database utilized for financial aid analysis and reporting
  • Facilitate Board of Trustees approvals and reporting
  • Prepare internal and external financial reporting, including coordination of the annual audited financial statements
  • Administrative policy development
  • Perform internal audit services including compliance, operational and financial audits; safety and security audits; investigations of fraudulent activities; NCAA financial and compliance audits and associated reporting; and portions of the OMB Circular A-133 audit on behalf of the external auditors