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UMS Data Book

The Data Book is a compilation of the latest University of Maine System statistics and reports.  Many of the links listed below also serve as historical resources, for example, the "Financial Reports" link includes all reports since 2001.


Dashboard Indicator Report (Summary of key UMS indicators)


Age Details by Campus Report

Degrees Conferred Annual Reports

Distance Education Reports

Enrollment Annual Summaries

Financial Aid Annual Reports

Student Charges Annual Reports

Student Profiles

Student Retention Rates
Summary of Undergraduate Applications, Admissions, and Enrollments

Transfers from MCCS Report

Remedial/Developmental Enrollments


A-133 Audit Reports

Core Financial Ratios and Composite Financial Index

Endowment Fund Reports

Energy & Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Facilities & Administrative Cost Rates and Benefit Rates

Facilities & Capital Investment Report

Financial Reports

Gifts and Fund Raising Reports

Grants & Contracts Reports

Internal Operating Results – FY2010

Maine Economic Improvement Fund (R&D)

Operating Budget & Student Charges - FY2013

Pension Fund Reports

State General Fund Support of Maine Education


Compensation Studies

Employee Headcount Report

Faculty and Tenure Statistics

Salaries of Regular Employees (April 2013)

Turnover Analysis Report (March 2013)

Workforce Profile Reports


Economic Impact on the State of Maine (PDF)

Gateways to Maine's Public Universities (PDF)